10 things you should always travel with

In the beginning, you make a lot of travel mistakes.

Travel savviness comes from experiencing missed buses, foolish behaviour, cultural unawareness, and countless tiny errors. Then one day, you begin to seamlessly move through airports and integrate yourself into new cultures like a fish to water.

On this blog, you’ll find a list of essential things that over the years I’ve learned to make sure I have on every trip!

1. A small towel

I spent a few of my trips not having one of these and always having to rent them from hostels! The best thing I purchased was quick-dry towel it was around £8 from eBay and it’s been with me on most trips. It’s lightweight and will dry super quick no matter where you are, so need to worry about that last-minute swim or shower!

Here is something similar to what I have –

2. Extra socks and pants

We all do it, going away for a night and taking 800 pairs of pants and socks like you’ll be having numerous accidents…well my biggest advice just take it just in case! Maybe not that many, but if you are going away for a long weekend make sure you pack for a few days extra. You never know what will happen.. your flight might get delayed or you might decide to stay an extra night.

3. Don’t be scared to get a map or use your phone.

I sometimes, depending on where I am going, print a map out of directions to my hotel or the nearest train/bus station. This is in case my internet doesn’t work on my phone and for safety but make sure you have google maps downloaded too. Also check on your app store for offline maps for the city you are visiting, these can be a lifesaver and somefeature some really cool hidden gems!

4. Always carry a lock or locks!

No matter where you are staying but especially in a hostel, carrying locks is a must! I always make sure I have one for my suitcase/bag in the hostel and also for my bag with my important documents in. It just brings a little bit peace of mind knowing everything is safe. You can buy them from any supermarket and most retail stores, but I ordered mine from Amazon; Link to buy –

Also, if I am carrying a lock that requires a key, I always put a spare one on my necklace as I know I will never take this off.

5. Make extra copies of your documents

Photocopies are a blessing, you never know what will happen! Could get stuck in rain or lose your bag! If you aren’t super organised you can always buy a travel organiser. My sister got me one from paperchase which I always travel with or you can get a similar one from eBay!

They don’t have the same one in paperchase anymore but I found some similar items –

eBay –

TIP – Leave some at home or with your next of kin, you might need to ring them for it.

6. Take more than one charger lead

Got a phone? Well of course you do! Make sure you take a spare lead for it! I’ve been stuck arriving in a country and due to the different power, it has blown the wires!

7. Take earplugs

I don’t travel anywhere without these. You will always get snorers in your hostel and depending on your flight duration, these could help you get some sleep! I’d highly recommend you get these before you head to the airport or the place you are visiting! Any supermarket or shop should sell these cheap.

8. Adapters

You don’t want to be stuck not being able to charge your phone and having to pay ridiculous costs for an adapter. To check out what adapter you need, head to this website- Make sure you always pack at least one in your case. They are tons online that you can get! Try grab one with an extra USB port so you can charge a few things at once.

I have something similar to this, it’s an all in all adapter which works in many countries –

9. Portable Charger

One thing I can’t travel without now, but I’ve only learnt in the past year is a portable charger. I’ve been stuck many times before – phones died, not really sure where I’m going or what to do, rushing back to the hostel to quickly charge my phone. Or worried to use my phone on the plane as my battery will die quick. Having a portable one has saved me so much time! I now can stay out all day exploring, making sure my phone is fully charged all the time (perfect for capturing pictures).

Make sure you invest in a good one with a lot of power. This is the one I have and it hasn’t let me down at all –

(it’s a little big, so I’d look at getting smaller on in the future)

10. Flipflops

These are a MUST, especially if you are staying in a hostel. I would always recommend getting a cheap pair of flip flops for you to walk about the hostel in (some places make you take your shoes at the door) but these are perfect for heading to the bathroom, showers, walking back and forth to the kitchen. They are clean and keep you clean as well!

I’d be lost without mine!


Place things in sandwich bags i.e if you have a small medical kit, put everything related to that plasters, Sudocrem, tablets all in the same bag, it makes it much easier when routing through your bag.

Thanks for reading, I hope these tips have helped you get prepared for your next trip!