2020 Challenge


So, as 2020 is nearly coming to an end. I wanted to take the time to explain the meaning of my Instagram challenge. At the end of 2019, I came across 100’s of folders full of pictures I had taken over the years. I have never been one to show my work or make it a look at me moment, in all honesty, my parents kept on saying how come you’ve never shown us these photos and really, I just forgot. I realised some of these photos were pretty good and I wanted to see how far I could push myself. I have to admit I fall in and out of love with photography a bit, but last year I got to photograph some of the biggest bands in the world and visit SEA, which made me love it all over again and I guess being older and knowing what I know now it was time to push it full time.

The challenge was to post a photo a day in 2020, I created the account on 1st January. Holding my hands up here, for the first two months I hated it, I was ready to give up within a few weeks, I was bored of posting, I didn’t have a full idea on where I wanted this account to lead, I didn’t have apps to help me work out what I’ve already posted and really thought my photos weren’t good enough! A bit of pushing from people around me, a lot of free time on my hands because of a global pandemic (not sure if you’ve heard about it) and I soon put my focus on improving.

Like, everyone, this year travel has been halted, I did manage to squeeze in a trip to Lisbon in February and I am so thankful I did that. Although travel has stopped for this year,. 2020 allowed me to focus on things I’ve always put off and not allowed myself to have the excuse “I don’t have enough time. I worked on my craft, upgraded my equipment, got a drone, I’ve grown this account for 0 to 7,000+ within a year, made friends with tons of creative people, created a website from scratch, planned future posts, done courses which have totally changed my outlook on the business and editing side (big up @jordhammand). I have also travelled and explored the UK, a place which I think is overlooked! This year has made me love what’s around me and appreciate it all!

I’ve missed a few days but soon made up for them with double posts (soz for the spam) even Instagram stopped me for a few days because I was posting so much!

I have some goals in 2021 such tutorials, teaching, improving my shots and exploring even more, but I want to take this moment to thank you, everyone who has followed, connected, spoken, liked and just supported me this year! I’ve loved every moment of throwing my creative energy and feeling inspired by all your posts! It’s amazing who you connect within the community and I can’t wait to keep doing that.

Thank you again, and happy holidays!

Danielle (maddenstravels)x