Tips to get over your fear of street photography

Big thank you to my dad for a start for pushing me into photography! One of my best memories is having matching cameras with him, walking around a Spanish market snapping away. Learning from each other and building my confidence behind the camera.

I’m a big fan of street photography, I think it shows a country more than any other photo! I may look a bit strange when I’m walking about taking photos of random people (sounds more strange writing it , trust me) but when I look back on photos, I’m instantly transported back to that street, remembering the smells, sights, sounds, and people. I think candid street photos of daily life do just that!

I get street photography seems scary but here are my tips on how to overcome that and hopefully allow you to fall in love with this theme.

TIP 1 Pick a spot with a lot of foot traffic or an interesting background and wait for people to come to you. This way, your subjects will be invading your space and the tides will have turned. You will feel much more comfortable photographing them and it will also be less likely that they will notice you

TIP 2 Got the spot? Waiting for subjects to walk past? Try not to look directly at your subjects and make it seem like you are photographing the background behind and a little to the side of them. Then, after you capture the person, keep the camera still like you are still framing what is behind them.

TIP 3 Decided to leave the spot? Walking about? Shooting from the hip/chest is when you photograph without looking through the viewfinder. It’s the same frame that your eyes see just ever so slightly lower. Holding the camera in that position doesn’t look like you are taking a picture.

TIP 4 As the old street photography axiom goes: “Be careful who you shoot; they may shoot back.”This is probably the most important tip. You need to pick your subjects wisely. If you see someone that you think is dangerous or unfriendly, then don’t photograph them.

TIP 5 This is not for everyone, but if you want to take a major step in getting rid of your fear, then here is the way to do it. Take a candid shot of someone and show it to them after. Offer to send it to them. Rip the fear away like a band-aid.


Just enjoy yourself, capture the world and the environment you are in. Try not to look at your pictures every time you take one, that wow shot will come naturally without you worrying!