Travel Alone. Why? I get asked this all the time and the honest answer is it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I’m very lucky that I’ve been able to visit quite a few places so far… some being on an organised (big up top deck and intrepid), some with my parents and then I’ve been to a few places on my own.

Each place is a different experience, but one thing I can recommend is travelling alone at least once, it will change your outlook on life, places you visit, creativity and so much more. So here are my 10 steps on why you should try it just once!

1. You’ll catch the travel bug for life The minute you get on that flight back home, you’ll realise everything has changed! You have the travel bug! You’ll be itching for the next trip and one tip I can give you… always have something booked or to aim for. That might be a gig, a trip, a new skill you want to achieve. It helps your mindset so much. 2. You’ll forge life-long friendships Meeting people on your own, you have to throw yourself in the deep end, but these people will become life-long friends! You’ll be facetiming people at 8 am on a Sunday morning but it doesn’t bother you because the minute you start talking you’ll feel like you’re all back together.

3. You’ll get better at putting yourself out there On your own, you have to go up and speak to people! Say Hello, try and explain that you don’t live near London or why you have a weird accent (YORKSHIRE). Put yourself out there, you won’t regret it!

4. You’ll learn how to deal with the unknown Arrived in a city at 10pm at night! You’ll learn how to deal with not knowing, you have to find your way but you soon will. It goes back to point 3, put yourself out there, judge the characters around you and people will always help you out.

5. You’ll discover that hostels are a safe haven Trying to tell people hostels are safe feels like an impossible task, but they really are! You meet the best and kindest people ever! I’ll explain more on how to choose hostels and what to look out for in a future blog.

You’ll learn to judge characters quickly in your room, but you will never be alone, which brings me onto my next point!

6. You’ll find you’re never truly alone Hostels, culture, locals! You are never alone. You may think travelling alone means you can’t speak to people and you need to keep to yourself but embrace where you are. Lose the headphones and put the phone away, take it all in. Greet the locals even if you only know one word…it will mean the world to them!

7. You’ll become more creative Working in marketing, I can honestly say travelling has changed the way I work. Whatever you do for a career, going to different countries and experiencing how they live, the culture, the advertising completely makes you step back from day to day life and think what can I change in mine!

8. It’ll make you more employable I don’t have a uni degree and it honestly bothers me sometimes, I thought I was behind everyone else and was going to be stuck. But what I realised is sometimes life experience is 10x better, especially in a job like mine!

9. You’ll become a logistics pro Planning! Although I don’t really plan what I’m going to see most the time, all my timings are set out. I have a folder with all my documents which are kept locked up (Thank my dad)! You’ll be a master of train, plane, bus times. Where to get them, which one is best for you! A few hiccups along the way is natural and it should never knock you back, learn from the experience.

10. It’ll force you to be a problem solver Flight delayed? Sorted it! Buses not running? Sorted it! Fell in sick? Sorted it!

Even if you have to ring back home when you’re a little emotional and just need to hear voices that keep you calm. You’ll learn to become a problem solver! No matter where you are, something inside switches when something goes wrong and you going into sorting mode!